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Terms of Service

StaffHOUNDS charges a flat-fee service and you will be billed upfront. All payments will be invoiced/charged as TecHOUNDS LLC.

Legal terms and fine print:

TecHOUNDS LLC is a corporation operating as "Staffhounds""" and is offering in this Agreement a flat rate recruitment service. TecHOUNDS LLC and its partners or employees do not accept any responsibility, and are not liable for any information or representations concerning the candidate or any persons introduced by TecHOUNDS LLC What to the client, neither TecHOUNDS give or accept responsibility for any warranty concerning the history, character, age, capabilities, or suitability of the candidate. The client hereby indemnifies TecHOUNDS LLC and holds it harmless against any claims that may be made against TecHOUNDS LLC arising from or in connection with the employment of the candidate, and/or in respect of any purported or actual attributes pertaining to the candidate. It is accordingly agreed that TecHOUNDS LLC does not warrant any of the characteristics or attributes in respect of the candidate. TecHOUNDS LLC gives no representations or warranties that any position remains, or will remain available, or that any candidate is, or will be available to fill any position. TecHOUNDS is not liable for any loss or expense, howsoever the same may be caused, which may be incurred by the client or any person to whom the client is introduced arising from, or in connection with the introduction of the candidate to the client, and without derogating from the generality of the a foregoing, in effecting or attempting to effect, a meeting following any introduction by TecHOUNDS LLC. 

Once your payment and Job Vacancy/Posting is submitted we will email you a minimum of 10-12 candidate resumes and pre-screens that meet your Job Order specifications. Our emails will trickle into your inbox over a 2 or 4 week period.

We CANNOT guarantee a candidate placement/hiring from this service.

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