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Our Technology Advantage

Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Crawlers....

A significant competitive advantage is our team utilizes a powerful search and discovery software that is built in-house and automatically scans multiple resume databases such as Monster, Careerbuilder, and a dozen other smaller databases/sources of resumes. Part of our software is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engine that runs an additional set of intelligent filters and algorithms based on unique criteria/variables to aid the AI Engine’s filtering ability.

All filtered details are downloaded from the resume database providers into our database (including the full resume that was originally uploaded to the respective resume database). Our recruiters’ source the results of this filtered scan. This filtered scan pulls in the greatest number of applicable candidates for any specific geographic region. We have new candidates being retrieved and downloaded by our system several times a day. This efficiency brings you the best candidates as soon as they come on the market. A traditional agency using web based tools provided by resume database providers simply cannot source candidates at this speed or frequency.

We utilize the latest in Software Resume Harvesting & Web Crawler Technology to bring you the most relevant resumes of candidates possible for any geographic area. Our Cloud Based system consists of a multi-gigabit fiber optic backbone server in a secure datacenter.








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