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How it Works

Step 1: Send us your job description

Once we receive your job description our team of Recruitment Professionals will review your job description and make sure there is nothing that would hinder the search. We will prepare your job order for entry into our proprietary candidate matching system.

Step 2: We search and scan

Our team enters your job order into our proprietary search system. Our system scans over a dozen job boards, resume databases, internal databases of candidates on a daily basis. With thousands of candidates submitting their resumes on a daily basis, our Artificial Intelligence based search increases your odds on finding the most recent candidates.

Step 3: We social media your job online

Our team will push out your job description to industry professional followers on our social media networks including Indeed, Twitter, Bullhorn Reach, Facebook, Yahoo Buzz, Google+, and Email networks.

Step 4: We contact each candidate – we probe

The StaffHOUNDS team, consisting of recruitment professionals, takes the results of the Search/Scan/Post and begins the process of sorting through the applicable candidates to sift out candidates that aren’t the right fit for your organization. We then contact each candidate to ensure key criteria are met (such as communication skills, availability, commute distance, and other key indicators of fit).

Step 5: We prescreen & qualify

We conduct a detailed prescreen utilizing 1-6 questions supplied by you, or if none are supplied our internal team of recruitment professionals formulizes 1-6 questions that would be beneficial to you.

Step 6: We email the results

Your account manager will gather the result from our StaffHOUNDS team (throughout the purchased period) and email you the results. Your emails will include the Candidates’ Resume and the results of our prescreening questions.

Step 7: Watch Dog Alert

Our resume Harvester continues to run every night to ALERT us when new candidates come on the market.



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