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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Traditional Recruiting Firms Charge So Much?

The main reason recruitment agencies are considered expensive is that they work on a contingency basis. Recruiters invest days, weeks, and months of time filling a vacancy. This process involves mining for candidates through databases and headhunting from competitors. The Recruiter is ONLY compensated if they achieve success. They are not compensated for failure. A typical recruiter is working on 6-7 positions simultaneously for various clients. The ratio is 1 success for every 7 candidates that are not a match. In this model you are compensating the recruiter/agency for their failures in addition to their success. We achieve an average success rate of 85% on placements!

Is your fee only $2,500 or are there other costs?

It may be hard to believe but our Standard Search service is only $2,500. We offer an additional flat-fee service called Guaranteed Search, where we continuously find candidates until a candidate is hired. The Standard Search is offered at an incredible price of only $2,500 due to the volume of searches we conduct a month. Similar to the group buying concept, with thousands of clients and a large team of recruitment professionals, we are able to bring you incredible value at an incredible price.

How long has your company been in Business?

We have been operating for over 12 years in the recruitment sector.

What Sectors / Industries do you specialize in?

We can fill ANY Job in ANY Sector. We have clients in IT, Legal, Accounting, Finance, Mining, Consumer Packaged Goods, Aerospace, Actuarial, Sales, Management, Business Development, and every area you can imagine.

Who conducts the pre-screening?

Our TecHOUNDS / StaffHOUNDS team consists of recruiters with 20+ years’ experience.

When will I be billed and is there any guarantee I will fill my position?

You will be billed up-front for the service. Once your payment and Job Vacancy/Posting is submitted we require a couple of hours to process your order. We will email you a minimum of 10-12 (for Standard Search) candidate resumes and pre-screens that meet your Job Order specifications. Our emails will trickle into your inbox over a 2 to 4 week period. We CANNOT guarantee a candidate placement/hiring from this service. With over 20 years in the recruitment business, and thousands of satisfied clients, we will try our best to find suitable candidates for your job vacancy.


What if I prefer a contingency based traditional services?

Our parent company, TecHOUNDS, LLC (
) offers traditional contingency search services at the most affordable rate in the industry.

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